Moving to MIT for a postdoc

In early 2022, I will move to MIT as a postdoctoral associate, working closely with Josh Tenenbaum and Antonio Torralba’s groups.

Teaching a new class on ML + Graphics

Teaching the realistic/advanced image synthesis class at McGill university for the Fall semester, 2021.

Workshops at ICCV and Neurips 2021

Co-organizing the Differentiable 3D Vision and Graphics workshop at ICCV 2021, and the Physical Reasoning and Inductive Biases for the Real World workshop at Neurips 2021.

Awarded a Google PhD fellowship (declined)

Extremely honored to be awarded a Google PhD fellowship for “Machine Perception, Speech Technology, and Computer Vision” for 2021. Thank you Google, for this coveted recognition!

ICLR workshop on rethinking scientific paper formats

We are organizing a (virtual) workshop at ICLR 2021: Beyond the research paper - rethinking how we share scientific understanding in ML research, to reflect on formats for scientific publishing geared towards accessibility, pedagogy, and reproducibility.

Awarded an NVIDIA graduate fellowship

Honored and excited to have received an NVIDIA graduate fellowship for 2021-22.

gradslam - library available!

gradslam is available as an open-source pytorch framework here

Organizing a robot learning seminar series

We are organizing a (virtual) seminar series on robot learning at Mila and the Robotics and Embodied AI Lab. Visit our seminar page for more.

Neurips workshop on differentiable vision, graphics, physics

We are organizing a (virtual) workshop at Neurips 2020 on differentiable computer vision, graphics, and physics in ML, with a star-studded speaker lineup! Visit our workshop webpage for more.

Selected to the "RSS pioneers" 2020 cohort

Honoured to be part of the RSS pioneers cohort of 2020 announced, with 27 other amazing grad students and postdocs. Check out a short video abstract of my near-term research.